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AQUARIUS at Galway’s ‘Pint of Science’ Festival

The ‘Pint of Science’ festival in Galway, held from May 13th to 15th 2024, provided a great platform to highlight AQUARIUS to a wider audience. In a sold-out session on “Wild Atlantic Waters,” our Marine Institute colleague, Frank Armstrong, introduced AQUARIUS during his “Exploring The Seas: A Voyage Through Ireland’s National Research Vessel Fleet”. Frank – together with MI colleagues coordinating AQUARIUS – is leading the work to facilitate access to the 57 diverse research infrastructures that will be integrated in the AQUARIUS catalogue.

Providing an exciting run-through of Ireland’s national research vessels, Frank, highlighted, the Marine Institute’s new research vessel, the RV Tom Crean, and also the RV Celtic Explorer. The RV Celtic Explorer is just one of the research infrastructures that will be made available by the Marine Institute through AQUARIUS’s two transnational access funding calls.

The funding calls aim to support scientists from a range of research and innovation projects, enabling them to utilise these cutting-edge infrastructures. Researchers selected for these projects will get access to the research infrastructures as well as receive comprehensive training and logistical support all free of charge.

By providing access to these high-tech European Research infrastructures, AQUARIUS seeks to propel marine and freshwater science forward, enabling researchers to tackle complex scientific questions and global marine challenges in a holistic way.

Thank you to Frank Armstrong and the Marine Institute for putting the spotlight on AQUARIUS at the ‘Pint of Science’ festival! 

Frank Armstrong at the Pint of Science festival in Galway, Ireland.

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