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Training Hub

AQUARIUS will launch a range of training programmes for Research Infrastructure (RI) users, to provide customised scientific and technical support, as well as to prepare new generations of researchers to properly exploit leading edge infrastructure services and manage research results and data.

A dedicated training materials repository will provides information and access to tailored training material on the use of the Transnational Access Platform, the various European Research Infrastructures, data management and data stewardship practices, and on virtual access and analytics.

More specifically, the Training Hub provides researchers with the opportunity to learn more about:

  • The use of the Access Platform, providing details on the Call submission portal and procedures;
  • The types of technical training of the AQUARIUS research infrastructure services offered throughout the project lifetime. Access is provided to a material repository collecting all training material developed during the project, plus other relevant training materials developed in other Horizon Europe projects and EU RIs network addressing ‘Healthy Ocean and Waters” topics;
  • Data management and data stewardship practices. Researchers from the awarded projects will be educated in open science practices, European marine data infrastructures, and FAIR standards, services and tools to use for processing, documenting, and ingesting their newly collected marine data and resulting data products. Trainers include data management experts from the RIs, SeaDataNet and EurOBIS;
  • Virtual access and analytics training. A training programme will be set up to learn RI users about the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment and its analytical applications that they can use for further elaborating their newly collected data and combining these with large existing European and global data collections for deepening their scientific insights and knowledge.

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